Concrete - a remarkable, versatile, and economical building material

Service - Our Top Priority

Our network of ready-mixed concrete plants serves central and western North Carolina, Virginia, southern West Virginia, and eastern Tennessee. We allow for timely dispatch and delivery of concrete tailored to your strict specifications. In most locations, plants are positioned to provide back-up for timely delivery of your ready-mixed concrete order. Our ready-mixed concrete can be customized with additives to accommodate pours in less than desirable weather (very hot or very cold) or transportation times. Our engineered concrete can produce a variety of formulations designed to achieve modern construction requirements and/or producing less waste and greater savings for optimum efficiency.

Strength - of Product and Company

Concrete is a remarkable, versatile, and economical building material. It can be molded or formed into any shape when newly mixed, resulting in a strong and durable product when hardened. Concrete is ideal for any building project, from homes to schools, skyscrapers to bridges and super highways. We have examples of many projects that we provided concrete on. We offer excellent ready-mixed concrete quality control to ensure your ready-mixed concrete is delivered to order.

Design - It's What We Do

Ready-mixed concrete is produced from a mixture of cement, additives, water, aggregates and air. Aggregates, which account for 60% - 75% of the concrete's volume, are usually sand and various sizes of rocks. Additives are added before or during mixing to manipulate and control the finishing of the concrete such as to improve hardened concrete's durability or reduce its water content and therefore its setting time, or even to control its mixing time before delivery to the site. Ready-mixed concrete almost always contains one or more materials such as fly ash, or recycled aggregate that can qualify it for Recycled Content Credit and LEED Credit.

Customized Admixtures - To Fit Your Needs

We can customize your ready-mixed concrete to fit your specific need by adjusting the proportions of water, aggregate, cement and additives. We can modify concrete's manageability, shorten or extend set time and improve the finishability

Engineered Concrete - More Than Just Concrete

Unlike most ready-mixed concrete companies, we maintain a research and development department. The technical service staff can optimize your concrete - developing mixes to achieve strength or other characteristics required through modification and chemical technology. Out technical staff can advise for special cases, can design and seal mixes unique to your job requirements.