Job Safe is Job Smart

We have a long history of delivering a quality product, caring for our customers, and having high safety standards. Not only do we strive to ensure the safety of our employees, we strive to ensure the safety of all those we work with

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Job Safe - For All of Us

Pre-Job Planning:

  • Conduct a pre-construction Job Safe meeting.

Placing Your Order:

  • Specify job address and directions to job... are there any private bridges that will be crossed?
  • Indicate names of building and job site landmarks
  • Communicate type of job and method of placement
  • Schedule accurate start / stop time – think about traffic and congestion

Preparing for Delivery:

  • Ensure clear access: Placement of equipment, vehicles, construction materials, etc. are clear of entry, wash-down and exit. Look for overhead obstacles – phone & power lines, trees, awnings...
  • Maintain safe distance to excavation (1 foot for every foot of depth)
  • Prepare level, stable ground for truck access.
  • Use pumps where practical
  • Our drivers will not cross non-rated or under-rated bridges

Day of Delivery:

  • Plan for traffic control – street and jobsite
  • Use spotters where needed – use proper hand signals
  • Identify and maintain washout areas including area lighting, consider glare if lights are pointed towards backing mirrors.

Backing Safety & Use of a Spotter

Wear Personal Protective Equipment - Concrete Can Burn You

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Wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment) when working with wet / dry concrete. We recommend when working around concrete or concrete trucks that you wear:

  • Hard hats
  • Safety Glasses with side shields
  • Bright / Reflective clothing or vests
  • Long sleeve shirts when finishing concrete
  • Long sleeve shirts when finishing concrete
  • Rubber boots or water proof boots

Precautions when working with concrete:

  • Thoroughly wash concrete off of skin
  • Respiratory protection for cutting/grinding/chipping or breaking dried concrete to reduce dust and potential silica exposure.
  • If concrete gets in your eyes – flush eyes for a minimum of 15 minutes and seek professional medical treatment for possible abrasions or burns


  • Our driver will fold/unfold/attach and remove all truck chutes.
  • Serious injury or death may result due to improper handling of the chutes.
  • While placing concrete – maintain control of the chute swing at all times. Do not let go of the chute until you verify the lock is engaged.
  • Do not operate chute or drum controls without direct authorization of the mixer driver.
  • Do not climb on the mixer truck.
  • Truck water is not considered potable for drinking.
  • Know the hazards and precautions of all equipment on jobsite that you work around including: pumps, cranes, buckets, heavy equipment, etc

Hazard Identification

Eye burn

Leg burn

Extension chute

To download a copy of our Job Safe Guide, click here