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Masonry - Stronger Than You Think.

Since the first concrete masonry units were constructed in 1882 they have grown as a desirable building material due to their versatility, economics, energy efficiency, and fire and wind resistance. Noted for low maintenance and durability, concrete masonry units are a sensible commercial building material for schools, institutions and any public facility. Concrete masonry units are now produced in many sizes and shapes with various face finishes and glazes offering a wide variety of colors and texture to add interest to any finished building. Masonry homes prove to be not only beautiful but fire resistant, sound proof, and resistant to damage from pests and nature. Chandler Concrete Products located in Virginia, is a leading manufacturer of concrete masonry units.

CMU's during the manufacturing process.

CMU constructed buildings stand out from an architectural perspective.

CMU's in Commercial Building: Numerous Advantages

There are many reasons concrete masonry units (CMU's) are chosen for commercial building projects:

Versatility - With endless shapes, sizes, colors and textures available, concrete block is one of the most versatile building materials there is. It can be used as a veneer or as a single-width wall system. Due to the many available sizes of modular concrete block almost any design may be achieved, including curved and radius walls. Whether your project is residential, commercial, governmental or institutional, concrete masonry units offer endless design possibilities.

Thermal Mass - Concrete block offers tremendous thermal properties with its high density and great mass. It absorbs heat more slowly and retains it longer than most other building materials. By taking advantage of this thermal mass, structures made of concrete block are more energy efficient than those built with other materials.

Fire Resistance - Concrete block is a noncombustible building material. Concrete block wall assemblies have a much better fire rating than other building materials and greatly slow the spread of fire. Losses due to fire damage in structures built with concrete block are far less than in those built with other building materials. Concrete block also easily meets code requirements for fire resistive construction.

Sound Resistance - Concrete block absorbs sound better than most building materials due to its mass and density. In structures where there are many people living close to one another, such as apartments and track housing, concrete block is an ideal choice to minimize sound transmission.

Wind and Earthquake Resistance - Structures built with reinforced concrete block have proven their effectiveness at resisting earthquakes and high winds. While other building systems fail at high wind levels, reinforced concrete block structures are still left standing.

Low Maintenance - Concrete block structures are virtually maintenance free and extremely durable. While other building materials need to be maintained as they fade and peel with time, concrete block maintains its color and texture throughout its life with very little maintenance.

Affordability - When total building costs are compared using various construction systems, concrete block structures often cost lower than others in initial costs. When you take into account the lower life-cycle costs associated with concrete block construction, it is very cost-effective to design and build with a concrete unit masonry system.

Beauty - With a multitude of textures, rich colors and available in the many different shapes and sizes of concrete block, the only limit to its possibilities is the designers imagination. Various finishes and textures are available also in concrete block.

Concrete Masonry Homes - A Viable Option

Concrete masonry units are an ideal building material for your next home. With the many benefits concrete masonry homes offer, you may be surprised to find that on average they cost only 3-5% more to build than wood framed houses. Even more amazing is that they provide homeowners significant lifetime savings. Concrete Masonry Homes Provide:

Fire Resistance - concrete masonry is a non-combustible material.

Hurricanes/Tornadoes Resistance - Exterior walls and the foundation system are bound together as one solid unit with concrete and reinforcing steel.

Termite Protection - There is simply no wood to eat. Therefore, no expensive and ongoing termite protection measures are required.

Protection from Rotting - Again, there is no wood, so no worry about decay.

Sound Protection - In addition, the sheer mass and weight of concrete masonry walls provide excellent resistance to sound transmission. With our ever busier and stressful lives, we look to our homes for comfort, calm and rest- a place to return to at the end of the day.

Pleasing Appearance - With masonry construction, homeowners never have to sacrifice beauty for strength. Masonry block is available in many shapes and colors to achieve the desired function and appearance with a wide variety of exterior surfaces such as:

  • Real Stucco: Portland plaster applied directly to the concrete masonry without the fear of substrate deterioration.
  • Split Face Half High: Split or stucco look in the scale of brick
  • Architectural Masonry: Split Face, Textured Face or Ground Face
  • Natural or Manufactured Stone
  • Brick Veneer

Homes and buildings constructed in CMU's provide safety and beauty

Stratford Rose

Old Yorktown

Old Hampton

Old Dutch

Winchester Handcraft

Clay Brick

We offer comprehensive lines of clay brick to all our customers. Our Danville and Christiansburg showrooms provide samples of the various lines of brick available.

In the New River Valley, we serve as a stocking distributor of Pine Hall Brick.

Tidewater Series - Authentic Tumbled Brick. The Tidewater Series is Pine Hall Brick's authentic oversize tumbled brick line that captures the warmth of early American homemade brick. Our most popular series of face brick, we offer a complete line of matching shapes and arches to turn your home into a castle. All modular Tidewater are simulated tumbled.

Textured Series - Textured brick adds dimension and beauty through the casting of subtle shadows. Scoring the brick with a variety of patterns and textures creates a soft, elegant appearance. Available in a variety of colors, choose the Textured Series for your home.