NRMCA Certification - Plants and Vehicles

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) administers a certification program for ready mixed concrete plants and delivery vehicles which ensures that these facilities are in compliance with industry standards and are capable of furnishing quality concrete. The inspection is conducted by a licensed professional engineer, approved by NRMCA, who goes through a thorough checklist during the inspection process.

Since concrete is a manufactured product, its quality and uniformity depends on the control over its manufacture. It must be produced with suitable ingredients accurately combined to specific proportions. These must be thoroughly blended and the finished product delivered according to the requirements of the purchaser. Although success depends upon several factors, a vital prerequisite is the availability of proper, well-maintained equipment and an efficient production facility.For more information on the program visit NRMCA here

Eric inspecting a plant

Eric Misenheimer inspecting admixture bottles at a plant

Eric inspecting a plant

Joel Harvey inspecting a mixer truck

Committed To Our Industry

NRMCA has established certification requirements for the Inspecting Engineer and Assistants to the Inspecting Engineer. We have one NRMCA certified Inspecting Engineer, licensed in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, and five certified Assistants to the Inspecting Engineer. Per NRMCA requirements all mixers are certified annually and the plants are certified bi-annually.

Committed to Quality

The plant inspection process is a comprehensive process with over 50 checklist items from receiving and stockpiling materials through the batching process that insures the ability to produce a quality concrete. The mixer certification is also comprehensive with six checklist items to insure that the delivery fleet is capable of delivering a quality product.

Eric inspecting a plant

Eric Misenheimer checking load cell.