Technical Services - We provide the quality you can count on.

Quality Control - Consistency by design.

For Chandler Concrete, quality control begins with using quality ingredients and procedures that reduce or eliminate potential problems in delivery, finishing and resulting strength and durability. Chandler Concrete provides all standard mixes and tests according to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications for strength, temperature, slump, air content and unit weight. Each Chandler Concrete mix is designed and tested by an ACI certified professional. We have the ability to perform on-site tests to ensure our product meets the required specifications. We also have the ability to provide follow-up test results for your project, when requested.

Proper planning and site preparation will significantly reduce concrete material and placement issues. The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association provides Concrete in Practice recommendations for improving your concrete. Before the mix leaves the plant, Chandler quality control ensures it meets the customer's specifications for air entrainment and slump to ASTM standards.

Technical Services - Service you can depend on.

Chandler Concrete offers a Technical Services Department with a professional staff that includes a registered engineer and technicians accredited to meet project needs. The corporate laboratory is located in Graham, NC and satellite labs have been established in Christiansburg, VA, Blowing Rock, NC, and Danville, VA. Our labs are capable of performing most ASTM tests related to concrete and aggregates.

Our laboratories are managed by a professional engineer licensed in North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee, who has been certified by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) as a Concrete Technologist.

Our Team - People make the difference.

Our technical service staff is available to meet with contractors, engineers, architects, and owners to better understand ready-mixed concrete needs. We can provide insight to ensure that the optimum concrete mix design is provided and proper concrete practices are used to meet individual project needs. This is an added value in that we can ensure your concrete product is delivered in the quality and condition that meets your needs. We can ensure the raw materials used in the production of your concrete meet all specified requirements and are of the highest quality. We can provide technical insight into any concrete related issues that arise during planning and/or construction of your projects.

We can design concrete materials to meet your project needs from strength requirements (current design inventory includes mixes from Controlled Low Strength Materials to 15,000 psi materials), shrinkage requirements, abrasion resistance, lightweight and heavyweight materials, as well as many other design needs. Our technical staff can troubleshoot concrete issues that arise during construction and assist in the resolution of these issues.

Certifications - Current on standards

Our technical staff includes:

  • One Technician certified by the NRMCA as a Concrete Technologist Level II
  • Two Technicians certified by the NRMCA as a Concrete Technologist Level III
  • One Technician certified by the NRMCA as a Concrete Technologist Level IV
  • Seven Technicians certified by the North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Three Technicians certified by the Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Eight Technicians certified by the American Concrete Institute - Level I Field Technicians
  • Four Technicians certified by the American Concrete Institute as Strength Testing, Aggregate Testing Level I, and Lab Testing Level I

We stay abreast of current technology and practices by participating in state and national associations. We are members of:

  • National Ready Mixed Concrete Association's Research, Engineering and Standards Committee
  • Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association's Technical Committee
  • American Concrete Institute

Do you have questions about concrete, the performance of your concrete, or an issue related to concrete?